The First Women Darts Player

As dart became a popular trend in Britain by the 1930s, it brought attention to the women in the country. The female becomes interested in playing the dart. In 1937, Queen Elizabeth and King George VI went to the countryside of Buckinghamshire, Slough town, and visited the New Community Centre. Because of the game dart being trending, the Queen got interested in trying it, and it is one of the reasons why they played dart.

The game continues as Queen Elizabeth earned 21 points and beats King George with19 points. Since then it became a trend which gives a significant impact, especially to the women and had lift gender barriers. During World War II, the game dart widespread across the globe like:

  • 1958 –The First women pair competition was launched under the supervision of Great Britain’s national Dart Association. The competition winners are Rose Branham and Joan Adams who are from the worker’s Clubs, Kings Lynn of North folk.
  • 1967 – The Women’s Individual Championship was introduced together with the Championship of Mixed Pair and organized by the NDAGB. Marjorie Drabble won in the said game which she came from Marston Moor Club.
  • 1973 – The Founding of BDO (British Dart Organization), the women became recognized and being put up like their male counterpart in playing the dart.
  • 1979 –the first Women’s single run by BDO in the British Open competition winner came from England which is Judy Campbell.
  • 1997 – Another World Cup was held, and lots of countries joined in the said event, which Bermuda, Kenya, Brazil, Japan, and the other 25 states are present. The game has a set of women’s team in which in the year’s competition, there is five women team who tops and won, which is:
  • The first place is America.
  • Second place in New Zealand.
  • Third place in the Philippines.
  • Fourth place in Northern Ireland.
  • Fifth place in Wales.

From the past until present, there had been issues, and there are years that women’s dart may not be noticed but it still alive. The Dart sport proves that women’s can also do sports as the other gender can.