Raymond Van Barneveld Success in Playing Dart Sport

Raymond Van Barneveld is a professional dart player born on April 20, 1967, from Hague. He competes in the tournament called Professional Darts Corporation. He was also nicknamed as “Barney” and one of the successful dart players in history.

Van Barneveld received world time awards and accomplishments such as:

  • Four-time World darts Champion in BDO
  • One time World Darts Champion in PDC
  • Two-time UK Champion
  • Winner in the Las Vegas Desert Classic
  • The Grand Slam Darts
  • Premier League
  • Twice a winner in World Masters
  • World Darts Trophy
  • A three-time winner in the International Darts League
  • WDF Cup Singles

In his early career, Van Barneveld starts participating in dart competition at 17 years old. He competes at the Netherlands around 1984, and he won his first tournament in the Rotterdam Open. Since then, he joined international darts competition and became its success may it be a runner up or the winner. His first loss was in the quarter-final with Phil Taylor in the 1990 WDF Europe Cup Singles.

He was a playing dart under the BDO from 1984 to 2006 and won four World Championships. BDO stands for British Darts Organization, which is founded by Olly Crofton January 7, 1973. After playing over 20 years in the BDO, Van Barneveld moved to PDC on February 2006. PDC stands for Professional Darts Corporation which is a professional dart organization at the United Kingdom and established since 1992. His reason in moving at PDC is to have a challenge and want to compete against the known players like Phil Taylor.

Raymond Van Barneveld became the five-time World Dart Champion. Later this year 2019, Van Barneveld announced his retirement in the Dart industry due to his health condition, which he was enduring for almost 4 years. For almost 35 years of playing dart, Raymond Van Barneveld became famous and successful in this field, so his early retirement is a bit shocking, but he will still be part of the famous one in Dart Sport.