Getting to know more about the Sport Dart

Dart is a traditional sport which is generally played in the UK and Ireland. An entertainment type of game which it has tools like the dart and dartboard. A small missile usually likes an arrow are called dart. When a crossbow is thrown, it should hit the circular target, which is called dartboards. This board has a round shape with multiple linings.

There are two types of darts used the wooden and metallic. The first dart is made from a piece of wood and covered with a metal to have a little weight and a feather of a turkey as the tail of the dart. The first materials of the darts are gotten from France, so they sometimes call it French darts. In the year 1906 metal darts are made, and the wood darts are continuously used until the 1950s, later years passed, they discovered and created a plastic dart.

There are widespread beliefs that dart was created because of the boredom of the warriors in medieval times. During the downtime between each battle, the soldiers are challenging each other team. To play the game, they use short spears in a thin sliced of a felled tree. The game became popular in the Middle Ages to keep the soldiers in throwing arms practice.

As the years passed, the game dart became famous all over the world and played by the people as their leisure activity. It is a game for everyone, which regards to your age; you can play the game dart. As popularity grew, the set of darts has multiple attempts to have it banned. Some people believe that it is not a game of skills rather a game of chance. It was settled in the courtroom in the year 1908. This game was banned in Scotland as a corrupt influence.

As of the present, game dart is now a sport which is the most popular in Britain. There are millions of players and a thousand’s registered clubs. And now it is well-known all over the world.