Famous Dart Player Phil Taylor

Philip Douglas ‘Phil’ Taylor is one of the best darts players in the world. He is called “The Power” given by Peter Judge, the Sky Sports production manager during the 1995 World MatchPlay. Taylor received a total of 209 titles in the professional tournaments until now he has83 major international titles and a total of 16 world championship.

He started a few jobs including metal worker and left school when he was16. Taylor spends most of his time in making ceramic toilet roll handles and earns£52 in a week. Since he was a child, Taylor loves to play football and Dart; however; he didn’t take it seriously and minimal playing it.

When his birthday, her wife gave him a set of the dart as a present since then he started to play it weekly and occasionally in the Bristow pub. The year 1986 Taylor was selected to play at the super league as a representative in their country. At that moment, Bristow started to sponsor him by loaning £10,000 to start Taylor’s career as a professional dart player.

From the year 1994 to 2007, Taylor has won 14 consecutive times become the finalist in the World Championship. In the year 1995 to 2002, he achieved World Championship title in eight consecutively. He was also the first and only dart player that reaches the nine-dart finishes in the Premier League Darts Final in 2010.

Taylor was also named as PDC Player of the year with six time’s record and a runner up in the title Personality of the Year in 2010 from the BBC Sports. In the year 2018 just before the finals of the World Championship, Taylor announced his retirement from the professional darts sport. Now he is still active as an exhibition circuit and also signed with an equipment deal with the target.

Who would believe that it only started as a hobby and now Phil Taylor is the famous one, especially in the sport Dart?